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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  November 14, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at noon. >> our big story at noon, wal-mart ina war laurel. a clerk was shot during the
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robbery. >> the store here was just reopened around 10:00 we're told by a wal-mart spokesperson. police were called here around 4:15 this morning. reports of shooting. the clerk -- the robert demanded money. the employee complied but was somehow demanded to go to the parking lot. the suspect is described as a white man wearing dark clothes. he was able to get away. >> we do not have the suspect in custody at this time. that may have been the suspect vehicle. it is still an active investigation. >> police are trying to determine if there is a surveillance video. they're also looking for tips on who the suspects might be.
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walmart released a statement saying their concern is with the of lee and family and corporate and fully with police on the investigation. >> woman is in critical condition following a two-alarm house fire in reisterstown. around 1:00 this morning crews arrived to find clean shooting from the hon. firefighters rescued her from the second story and found her in cardiac arrest. >> for screws a red and immediately sounded a second alarm. -- four crews immediately sounded as if the alarm. >> are told the victim is in her 60s and has burns to at least 50 percent of her body. firefighters at the fire under control in about 90 minutes. meantime, baltimore city police
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are investigating a triple shooting and was baltimore. officers responded to the 2500 block of west lafayette avenue where they found two men and women all suffering gunshot wounds. we're told the men are brothers. we're told both have died. the female victim was the mother. to remains in critical condition. testimony continues in the verbal -- murder trial of former student charged with killing her roommate. investigators say she stabbed her over an argument over loud music. simpson fled the campus at the the attack but later turned herself in. she is charged with murder and carrying a deadly weapon. a disturbing video from a mta bus to youtube and tmz. we're told a passenger is a student involved is writing -- was riding the 40 line. no word on what triggered the
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altercation. police are talking to witnesses to sort out the details. psychiatrists say it is part of a growing trend where witnesses reached for cellphone cameras instead of intervening. >> socially we are changing. this was not the norm 20 years ago. now with the availability of technology to change the technology, the different ways of coping with anger and frustration with the social level, we are doing problem- solving intervention. >> officials say the driver involved has been removed from service pending the outcome of the investigation. >> after a chilly start to the day, it is turning off fairly nice, but temperatures are still on the cool side. a lot of sunshine across the area. just a few clouds. 43 degrees at the airport.
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wins mostly out of the north. a little breezy at a time. it takes some of the heat away. -- from your body. we are expecting high temperatures from 46-51 today, which is below normal. not much an improvement in the heat in the next couple of days, especially coal into the night. details coming up on that of the seven-day forecast. >> elmo has been cleared. the man who accused him of an inappropriate sexual relationship has recanted the story. now the accuser says the sexual relationship was of the old and consensual. he is maintained the stands from the beginning and announced he is relieved the pain will allegation has been put to rest. no word on when he will return from his these -- leave of absence from sesame street.
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the latest in the unfolding scandal between the general than the e-mails that the pentagon says may be inappropriate. we are awaiting a statement from john allen. he denied any wrongdoing. hi-level briefings are scheduled on capitol hill where we find tracie potts. >> at least one man -- one member of congress has already spoken with the cia about the rolling controversy involving general the trade as and john allen -- general patreaus. >> there are questions about the nature of emails between general allan and joe kelly. one senior official says there were not explicit but used names like sweetheart and year. allen denies any wrongdoing. >> no one should be to any conclusions. his nomination has been put on hold as a prudent measure until we determine what the facts are.
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>> kelly is not a federal employee but suggested she has special privileges when completed to police about reporters. >> i am an honorary consul general. they should not be able to cross the property. >> the initial complaint kicked off an investigation that led to the discovery of an affair between the general and paul a brodwell. questions remain about whether he will be called to testify. >> it is up to congress to make decisions about who was called to testify, but the president is confident the -- confident that the acting director is fully capable of representing. >> i think we need to hear from him as well. take out i cannot imagine why he would not come up here and testify. >> the e-mails, a senior
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military official who have seen them said they are not suggestive of an inappropriate relationship or explicit, but some of the communications could be considered a professional, even flirtatious. >> the economy certainly is not keeping both on this thanksgiving. the latest trouble figures. how employees are fighting back against plans to open thanksgiving night. a plane crash sparked a massive fire in mississippi. what happened moments before the what happened moments before the
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>> > officials are trying to determine what caused a small plane to crash inside -- into a home last night. and one person escape the house with minor injuries, but it is unknown whether others were inside. officials say three people on the plane died in the crash. just after takeoff the pilot asked for permission to return to the airport. scary moments for a member of the zero well -- orlando magic stunt team. she balop the shoulders of another member of the squad. -- she fell off the shoulders of another member of the squad. she apparently landed head
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first. it took several minutes to stabilize hurt and get her on to the gurney. she waved to the crowd. she separate three vertebrae fractures and broken ribs but is expected to recover. still to come, the latest retail numbers are out, and it is not good. i experts say sales were down last month. prove premeditation can do more than just help your mind. >> as you look at the radar across the nation, things are looking pretty quiet, especially in the east. high pressure in control. chilly temperatures. currently 44. 37 downtown at the inner harbor. details coming up in
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>> in today's consumer alert -- a large, new figures show americans cut back on spending last month. the commerce department said sales dropped 0.3% in october, following three months of gains. auto sales fell 1.5%, the most in the year. analysts say the of the bird decline may be temporary, noting auto sales of like the pick up this month as americans replace cars damaged by hurricane sandy. stores across the country and not think it will open their doors on thanksgiving night instead of on the morning of black friday. now target employees are challenging the decision. a group of holiday workers are celebrating -- circulating a petition asking the company not
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to open on thursday night in order to give them time at home with their families. whether you are shopping or traveling, you will have plenty of company on the roads. more americans are expected to travel this thanksgiving, and there are some positives. >> more americans will hit the road this thanksgiving, but they will spend a little less. that is according to aaa, which forecast -- which forecast 43.3 million travelers. take of the factors behind the numbers relate primarily to the economy, and the economy is still sluggish, but there is improvement. >> average spending is expected to drop $56 from last year. the average distance down 16%. the vast majority will go by car. more than 49 million with gas prices expected on par wi last year's national averages.
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the number of air passengers likely down to just over 3.1 million. despite a few less travelers in the sky, do not expect last- minute deals. >> if you have not looked to -- but your travel, you may be out of luck. we just a week until the holidays, there will be at a premium. >> the tsa urges reading up on screening of security procedures. >> we understand a great trip often begins with a great experience at the airport. >> be mindful of peak holiday travel days. the wednesday before and the sunday after. now >> , your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with ava marie. >> now we are thinking about the forecast. something interesting could start to happen as people get it
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to the busy travel season. first, talking about conditions happening right now. a little chilly outdoors. 44 degrees. 47 downtown. 46 in annapolis. look at the temperatures on the western part of the state. in the 30's right now. 32 degrees in oakland. factor in the winds and it always makes things feel a lot cooler. winds gusting up to 70 miles per hour in annapolis. 22 miles per hour gusts right now in ocean city. this is what it actually feels like outdoors right now. you are talking mostly thirties to low 40's. you definitely want a jacket to help cut the wind and make it feel more like the actual air temperature. as the look of the current temperatures across the nation, you can see the cold shown by the shade of blue in the western
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and eastern half of the nation. a large chunk of the nation dealing with cooler temperatures. this high-pressure system is partly the reason why it is so- called right now. this air mass came from canada. you know how cold canada is. all the cold air continues to pushes -- continues to push in. stationary air off the coast producing showers near the carolinas. unfortunately that means a -- could be a quite active pattern as we headed to next week as people will be busy traveling to their destination. and this takes a dip by early next week. what that usually means, especially along the coast, it could start to form a coastal storm. this is the pattern you need to get that. that is what we have to watch. will this help form the storm
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along the coast but something to watch out for a long the seven- day. temperatures will be quite cold once again. upper 30's downtown but low 20s as you step outside the city with mostly clear skies. that takes us to the seven-day forecast. a few clouds tomorrow. 54 on friday with partly sunny skies. we will have to keep an eye on that for all of the travelers. >> in today's medical alert, a house commerce subcommittee held a meeting about the deadly meningitis outbreak that started with tainted steroids out of massachusetts. it explored with the outbreak could have been prevented. the owner of the new england, pumping center that supplied the steroids testified. we will have more of what happened during a hearing tonight at 5:00.
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researchers have found a link between the age of a girl who straul andrst minstren obesity chances. because these are all risk factors for heart disease and cardiovascular disease, researchers say early intervention could be need for girls whose garments treating young girl. african-americans are 50% more likely to die from heart disease than caucasians. new research suggests meditation could reduce the number of heart attacks and strokes in the population. researchers at the medical college of wisconsin compared the numbers of those who attended a health education class with those who metic -- meditated twice per day. those committed to get word 48% less likely -- who meditated for 48% less likely.
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tonight at 11:00, the debate over a potential life-saving drug for those who overdosed on illegal drugs like heroin. it is free in some parts of baltimore but practically out of reach for others. >> from the alleyways to the suburbs, overdose cases are exploding. but if there were some antidote, a way to save lives? why would it not be more widely available? for this. call mother, the only thing more numbing than losing her son to heroin overdose was discovering there is an indirect -- there is an inexpensive drug out there that may have allowed him to survive. >> i was sad to know that if i had had it, would it have made a difference? i will never know? is the antidote and why do some get it for free? -- what is the anecdote, and why
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do some get it for free? >> the effort to make an adult more widely available in the controversy surrounding it. -- the effort to make the anecdote more
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>> just four days until the
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ravens head to pittsburgh. late this morning it was announced big ben will not play sunday. rothesberger suffered a strained its shoulder last week. you can watch the match right here on wbal-tv. a woman in critical condition and her son's bed after a shooting in baltimore. tonight the latest on the tragic crime. -- and her sons dead after a shooting of baltimore. the way you check-in after -- the way you check and i your next flight could drastically change. we will tell you why. >> the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> hello. time to play the pick three drawings. your numbers for today are nine . 5 in the middle.
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final number is 9. 9, 5, 9. introducing five card cash from the mayor the lottery. when $10,000 instantly or up to $100,000 during the nightly drawing. moving right along to the pick four game. starters 0. 2. 7. last number is another 7. 0 2, 7, 7. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> looks pretty calm until next week. which is thanksgiving. the good things giving right now very unclear. we may have better rain chances and they all the way through tuesday. right now looks pretty chilly.
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